Talk on NanoAthero at CLINAM 2017


Also at this year’s CLINAM conference the NanoAthero was represented by a dedicated talk with the title “Nanomedicine for Target‐Specific Imaging and Treatment of Atherothrombosis – First Outcomes of the EU‐  funded Project “NanoAthero”. The talk was given by the Prof. Dr. Didier Letourneur the coordinator of NanoAthero, during the session “Cardiology, Atherosclerosis, Regenerative Repair”.

In the same session, partner MUG, Prof. Dr. Harald Mangge gave a talk on “Personalized  Medicine for Atherosclerosis ‐ Relevance, Prospects”.

The CLINAM conference took place from May 7th-10th 2017 in Basel, Switzerland.

Find the whole programe of this year’s CLINAM here: