Nanomedicine for target-specific imaging and treatment of atherothrombosis

development and initial clinical feasibility

The project

FP7 funded Project February 2013 – March 2018

The concept and the Goals

NanoAthero aims to demonstrate the preliminary clinical feasibility of the use of nanosystems for targeted imaging and treatment of advanced atherothrombotic disease in humans. NanoAthero offers a unique opportunity by combining in-depth knowledge of nanocarrier bioengineering and production with state-of-the-art expertise in imaging and treatment of cardiovascular patients providing a full framework of 16 partners within one collaborative European consortium. The NanoAthero project gathers together chemists, engineers, pharmacists, biologists, toxicologists, ethicists and clinical key leaders from RTOs, hospitals, SMEs and a large pharmaceutical company around on central theme: prove that the benefit of the use of nanoparticle technologies can be measured in a clinical setting. The reasoning behind the consortium can be highlighted by the general following questions:

– Can local delivery of a drug with a nanosystem change the balance between therapeutic and adverse effects thereby permitting the safe use of a drug already on the market or to be on the market?

– Can we treat vulnerable plaques with a nanosystem?

– What are pathological events in atherosclerosis that a nanosystem could detect with medical imaging?

– What could be the benefit for a patient?

In acute coronary syndrome and stroke, atherosclerotic plaque disruption with superimposed thrombosis, is the leading cause of mortality in the Western world. NanoAthero aims both the imaging and the treatment of thrombus and plaque.

i) Nanosystems will be used for delivery and improved efficacy of drugs for plaque and stroke treatments in humans.

ii) New imaging agents will allow molecular imaging of key processes and early adverse events using clinically available imaging modalities.

The nanosystems are assemblies of following components: carrier, targeting, imaging agent/drug. The proposed nanocarriers in NanoAthero have proven safety records, and we have the preliminary in vitro and in vivo proofs of concept on the building components of these nanosystems. Over 5 years, the NanoAthero project will integrate several key elements: GMP production, the initiation of clinical investigations in patients at high cardiovascular risk, including the preparation of dossiers on regulatory issues, risk and ethical assessments, and the evaluation of the performance of optimized diagnostic and therapeutic compounds.


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